This Climate Toolkit has been developed as part of the Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future project, which is supported by Dairy Australia and the Australian Government, through the Carbon Farming Futures Extension & Outreach Program.

The objective is to deliver comprehensive knowledge, embedded in the context of every-day farm management decisions, of the practices that profitably reduce GHG emissions from dairying so that farmers and service providers can confidently select the most appropriate option(s) for their farm.

It will achieve this by:

  • focussing on how emission reduction fits into the whole farm business

  • embedding emission reduction information into existing industry productivity programs

  • providing information resources to other E&O projects delivering to dairy farmers

  • using trusted, knowledgeable and accredited service providers

  • using traditional and new extension options – e.g. innovation hubs and focus farms

  • collaborative partnerships between the dairy industry, research organisations and NRM partners

  • generating a legacy of highly knowledgeable stakeholders capable of communicating accurate information about emissions management opportunities to their peers and social networks long after the project has ended. 

While Dairy Australia is the national service delivery organisation, the delivery of the project shall be very regionally focussed.  Dairy Australia has 8 Regional Delivery Programs with their own local management, linkages and delivery infrastructures.  This includes part-time Dairy Australia contracted Land, Water and Carbon consultants located in each region. 

The 8 dairy regions are Sub-tropical (Qld and NSW far north coast), NSW, Murray (N Vic and the Riverina), Gippsland, Western Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future builds on the successful Mitigation and Adaptation in the Australian Dairy Industry (MAADI) project – a 2012 NCCARF Climate Champion finalist.